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*Service not available in all areas.
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1. I can see your wireless signal, but cannot connect.

If you have problems connecting from inside of your residence, you may need an RF booster. If you are on a monthly or annual wireless plan, they can be borrowed from getwireless.net for no charge. You will have to leave a refundable $100 deposit, which will be returned when you return the  RF Booster.

2. What is your wireless network and how does it work?

Wi-Fi computer networking technology allows computers and PDAs to send and receive Internet data via a wireless network. Getwireless.net has installed numerous IEEE 802.11bg access points throughout downtown State College.  So if your computer is Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect to the Internet wirelessly while you are in our coverage area of downtown State College.  This service is a best effort service, meaning that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to connect from everywhere. If you want to use this as your main Internet connection in your apartment we recommend that you borrow an RF booster from us. You will need to leave a $100 deposit which will be returned to you when you return the unit. If you live in a building were we have wired service, we highly recommend that you use our wired service as  your primary connection method, which will have better latency performance and better speeds.

3. I am on the edge of your service area, what type of service can I expect?

Our network is always growing. If you are on the edge of the network, we can extend the network with a repeater at or near your location. This is determined by the demand in any area. There are also other options, we offer rental or purchase of a high power card which allow customers on the edge or low signal areas to connect to the service better. We also offer outdoor antennas that allow you to bring the signal into your residence and then connect wired or attach a localized access point.

4. I can see the 'getwireless.net' or 'StateCollegeWiFi' SSID, but can't connect to the service, why?

Most likely our signal is strong enough, but the card in your computer isn't strong enough to connect back to our access point.

We offer high power wireless boosters (they are 10 times more powerful than most common built-in wireless adaptors) which may allow you to connect from your location. You can borrow these from us for FREE. You must leave a $100, refundable deposit, returned, when you return the Booster.

5. How do I connect to the service using wireless?

First, you need to select 'getwireless.net' or 'StateCollegeWiFi' from the available wireless networks. Next you need to launch your Internet browser. (ie. Internet Explorer or Firefox, etc). At this point try to go to any webpage. You should be redirected to our signup/login page. If you don't have an account you can signup for a particular time period: One hour, One day, One week, etc. If you do have an account you can use your username and password to login. You must log in, prior to using any other Internet type program like AIM, Skype, AOL, etc.

6. I am into online gaming. Can I play online games with Getwireless.net's service?

Yes, you can play online games with Getwireless.net. Our network is optimized for online gaming service both for PC's and gaming consoles, and there are no additional monthly charges to hook up your game console to our service.

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