Broadband Internet Service

As low as $19.95* / Month

High-Speed Internet

  • Always-on connection
  • 5 email addresses
  • Virus and spam filtering

Enjoy the benefits of a high-speed Internet connection that’s much faster than dialup. Stop waiting and start getting a whole lot more out of your Internet connection today with High-Speed Internet.

*$19.95/month is promotional price, and is good for the first 3 months of service. After three months, normal rates apply. Other restrictions may apply.

Need more speed? Ask about higher speeds for blistering download and upload during websurfing, email, file transfer, video download, and superb performance with voice-over-IP.

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Broadband Internet

Broadband Solutions for
Central Pennsylvania Residents

Your Internet connection is more than just for emails or surfing the web these days. Today your Internet connection is one of your most critical windows to the world. Checking news, weather, sports, emails, instant messaging, downloading files, sharing photos, ordering products, watching video files and now even talking on the phone are all part of today's Internet connected world.

Stop waiting and start getting a whole lot more out of your Internet connection today with High-Speed Internet.

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About Our Broadband Internet

Fast Internet Service

Download at speeds up to 90X faster than dial-up.

Reliable Internet Service

We provide dedicated bandwidth to your home or apartment, so the bandwidth will be there when you need it. That's not the case with shared network services like cable modems.

Secure Internet Service

Our network is protected by state of the art firewalls to shield your computer from hackers.

Convenient Internet Service

Our always-on service means no more dialing up, and you don't need telephone or Cable TV service. Let our professionals install your service at a conveniently scheduled time.

how does it all work?
Special Features
  • Sign-up Now and receive FREE access to Downtown State College WiFi
  • None of the additional taxes and tariffs that are charged by telephone and cable companies
  • High-speed, low-latency service that is great for online gaming, VPN service, and Voice-over-IP phones
  • Five free e-mail accounts for you and your family
  • Web hosting to put up your own site.
  • Spam and virus filtering service for all e-mail accounts
  • Usually installed in just 3-5 business days; dependent upon demand at time of sign-up