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Why Getwireless.net?

Today, numerous high-speed Internet service options are available, including wireless broadband, cable modems, and dial-up services. With all the options out there, it may be difficult for you determine which service is best for you. That's why we have assembled a list of reasons for subscribing to one of Getwireless.net's affordable services.
A Full-Service ISP
About Our Architecture
No Hidden Charges
Local Support

Choosing Getwireless.net

Getwireless.net is a Full Service ISP

First and foremost, Getwireless.net is a full-service Internet Service Provider ("ISP"). As such, 100% of our time is dedicated to delivering high-quality Internet services to our clients, a mixture of commercial and residential users across Central and Western Pennsylvania. We have a thorough understanding of the Internet, the technologies available to make is accessible, and our users' needs, and our customers' benefit from our unmatched knowledge, experience, and focus.

Getwireless.net Architecture

Getwireless.net customers know that their Internet service will be there when they need it, and they can count on consistently high upload and download speeds. Why?

First, Getwireless.net's network is backed by two Tier 1 Internet providers, Level3 and AT&T. We have over 2.5 Gbs of Internet connectivity. Further getwireless.net has three independent and diverse path fiber backbones. One diverse path fiber ring connects one of our routers directly to Level3 in Pittsburgh. A second fiber ring connects a second router directly to Level3 in Philadelphia. And finally our third router connects to AT&T. So, in the rare event that one connection goes down, another connection is there to keep you online.

Many of our buildings also have both primary and secondary connections. All of our towers have redundant backbones with auto failover. So in the event the primary backbone fails or has an issue, our systems automatically failover to the backup circuit.

Secondly, Getwireless.net's network is designed in a manner that dedicates high bandwidth to each and every user. Cable modems and similar shared-access networks cannot make this claim.

No Hidden Charges

When you sign up for Getwireless.net's Internet service, the price we quote is the total price you'll pay. That's not the case with cable modem or DSL service.

As public utilities, cable and telephone companies are required by law to charge taxes and other service fees that inflate the cost of their services significantly. Getwireless.net is not required to charge these additional fees; therefore, you will pay the rate we quote you and nothing more.

Local Support

Getwireless.net is based in State College, PA, and we provide Professional support from our State College office. That enables us to respond quickly when on-site technical support is required. We live and work in the communities we serve; therefore, it is in our best interest to provide prompt, high-quality service to all our customers. The big cable and telephone companies cannot make these claims and often take days to respond to on-site support needs.

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