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Solutions for Fraternities

Affordable, Reliable Broadband Service

Web-based classes, content-rich Web sites, peer-to-peer sharing of large files, and video-on-demand are just a few examples of why a reliable, high-speed Internet connection is mandatory in today's world. And when a high number of simultaneous Internet connections are required at one location, the bandwidth demands are tremendous. Fortunately, has the ideal solution!

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Our Unique Architecture's unique architecture and high performance network infrastructure are designed to deliver the speed and flexibility of a corporate network directly to your fraternity.

Don't be fooled by the compelling attributes promised by other broadband providers. Their solutions may work well for an individual connection, but they are not well suited for the high demands of a fraternity setting. Contact or the FPA (Fraternity Purchasing Association) today to learn more about Fraternity Services
  • Dedicated bandwidth; won't degrade with multiple users
  • Implemented in 3-5 business days
  • Internal high-speed wireless service available
  • 24x7 support from a State College-based company
  • FPA member