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High-Speed Dial-Up Internet

Starting at just $9.95/month

You don't have to have broadband service to access the Internet at a high speed. Getwireless.net also offers convenient nationwide Internet access via our high-speed dial-up network.

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About Our Dial-Up Internet Service

Affordable Dial-up Internet Service

With prices starting at just $9.95/month, Getwireless.net's dial-up service is ideal for those on a tight budget, travelers, or anyone who does not have access to our wireless broadband network.

Fast Connections

Establish your Internet connection quickly and quietly (no screeching or beeping!) via our V.92 modems.

Web Accelerator

Our optional Slipstream Web Accelerator technology delivers Web access at speeds up to 19X faster than standard dial-up connections. In addition, you'll benefit from several value-added features, such as Pop-Up Blocker, Banner-Ad Blocking, Privacy Manager, and FTP Acceleration.